Research Center

As a part of our hair and skin care solutions, we are also involved in providing fusion homeopathic solution to the patients. It has truly helped us to cure patients suffering from ailments like alopecia areata and psoriasis. Today, we shall discuss one such case where we had to use to this advanced

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Laboratory Tests

Doctors working at our Homeozone Clinic are able to deliver the suitable treatment only after going through the laboratory test report. Whether suffering from alopecia areata, irritable bowel syndrome or other problems, we shall suggest you the appropriate tests that are needed to be carried out. Th

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Center for Medical

Every clinic of Dr. Paul’s Homeozone has a center for medical store from where patients can buy homeopathic medicines as prescribed by the doctors. Our team maintain a steady update on the product stock so as to avoid shortage during any emergency. Whether to treat allergic rhinitis, Ankylosing sp

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