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Constipation is basically a disorder affecting the digestive mechanism. It obstructs the natural fecal expulsion process alongside causing cramp and aches in the stomach. This kind of trouble normally occurs when the large intestine or the colon absorbs excess water from the stool. Receiving a timely treatment is basically a smart option to prevent this problem as early as possible.

We have successfully handled every constipation case until now by delivering a long-lasting satisfaction to the patients. We actually administer a unique homeopathic treatment procedure which is known as the Dr. Pauls Fusion Homeopathy. This procedure has actually worked wonder in controlling ailments like eczema, psoriasis, alopecia areata, etc. Besides, we also strictly assess the improvement among the patients once started to undergo this kind of homeopathic medication. In this way, our team makes sure that the trouble never occurs again quite a long period of time.

We are quite happy to announce that patients having constipation have been responding quite well to this treatment. This is further evident with smooth stool removal without experiencing any kind of agony or stain inside the stomach. Do you have to struggle a lot during fecal excretion? It actually points towards the constipation disorder. To receive a thorough diagnosis and suitable homeopathic treatment, schedule an appointment with our doctors immediately.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Sip enough fluids
  • Devour fresh fruits
  • Eat vegetables and fiber rich foods
  • Practice exercise regularly to lean an active life
  • Seek an early treatment without unnecessary delay
  • Develop the habit of stool removal everyday


  • Never eat processed foods
  • Minimise the habit of drinking tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks
  • Do not seat idle and instead walk, run, and jump during the leisure hours
  • Skip excess use of laxatives
  • Avoid using herbal/medical products that may affect the colon in the long run