Before you take that paracetamol or antibiotics try Dr. Paul’s Fusion Homeopathy. It’s safe with no side effect and with proven efficacy.




  1. How to avail your treatment?

Ans: You can avail Dr. Paul’s Fusion Homeopathic treatment by visiting one of our multispecialty clinics and meeting an expert homeopathic consultant of Dr. Paul’s team. You can also consult the doctor on VIDEO through Skype or WhatsApp and receive the treatment at home from anywhere in India.

  1. What medicines do you give?

Ans: When you consult a Homeopath of Dr. Paul’s Fusion Homeopathic team only homeopathic medicines are suggested to you.
We also provide specific treatment for Hair Loss, Skin related issues and aesthetic treatment for more information on that kindly visit www.drpaulsonline.com

  1. Where can I get the Homeopathic medicines?

Ans: To ensure the quality and efficacy of the medicines we supply the medicines ourselves. You can collect the medicines from our clinics or we can deliver the same to you anywhere in India by courier.

  1. How can I avail consultation on VIDEO?

Ans: You can consult with one of our expert Homeopaths from anywhere in India on VIDEO, it’s very easy. All you need is a smartphone or a computer with a webcam and a good Internet connection. Our team will help you at all stages.

  1. How can I avail follow up consultation?

Ans: You can have a free follow up consultation over phone with the doctor up to <15 days> from availing the first consultation. However, after 15 days from receiving the consultation if you want have another consultation you have to pay the doctor’s fee. You can also register for complete care or disease specific treatment and avail multiple consultation with the doctor throughout the duration of the treatment.

  1. Why do I need to register for 3 Months / 6 Months / 1 Year?

Ans: Every treatment requires time to show it’s result. At Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic, we do not do any miracle but provide treatment based on extensive scientific research and application, which does not give overnight results but shows result gradually. So, it is important for you to allow that time for the treatment to start delivering the results.

  1. What is the payment procedure?

Ans: You can make the payment in cash at our centre. You can also make the payment using your debit/credit card at our centre or complete the payment online through one of our payment gateways.

  1. Do you give any guarantee?

Ans: It is not possible to give any guarantee or predict an exact time frame in any branch of medical treatment and hence Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic do provide the same as well.

  1. Can I claim a refund?

Ans: The consultation fee that you pay to consult a doctor is to compensate the time doctor spends on your case. Since, the doctor has already spent the time on the case the consultation fee therefore is no refundable. Medicines once sold cannot be returned as well. However, you can cancel your order of medicines before the delivery is made.