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Fissure-In Ano

Fissure-In Anno or anal fissure basically refers to a little tear which develops in the moist and thin portion (mucosa) that borders the anus.  Such kind of fissure may occur during the passage of large or hard stools in the event of bowel movement. These fissures normally cause bleeding and pain which is hard to bear. It can occur at any point of time. However, a timely treatment under expert supervision will help to improve the condition.

Our Homeozone Clinic has requisite proficiency to address this kind of health issue pretty conveniently. We always concentrate on treating every disease like anal fissure in a holistic manner. So, we utilise advanced homeopathic treatment solution to meet this objective.   This kind of treatment is commonly known as the Fusion Homeopathy that represents the blend of conventional homeopathy with modern technology like computerised analysis and UV comb. The treatment is administered under the supervision of experienced doctors. But depending on age, health condition, and other factors, we have to adopt some modifications while delivering the treatment.

We are quite pleased to say that the outcome of this treatment among the patients suffering from annul fissures is quite satisfactory. The treatment completely eliminates the possibilities of experiencing this kind of problem again. Moreover, it also ensures smooth movement of the stools without causing any inconvenience. Are you suffering from Fissure-In Ano problem? Our Homeozone Clinic will help you to escape from such disorder quite naturally.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Eat fiber rich foods
  • Exercise daily to promote smooth bowel movement
  • Drink sufficient fluids to avoid dehydration


  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption
  • Do not suppress the stool removal urge
  • Never exert much pressure during bowel movement