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The piles or hemorrhoids mainly happen as a result of the inflamed tissues and swollen veins encompassing the anal portion. It is basically a common disorder that people experiences due to various reasons.

Symptoms Of Piles

The ailment causes troubles like constipation with unbearable pain and sometimes bleeding from the anal pipe during the stool passage. Timely medical treatment is actually the best way to control this disorder at an early stage.

Our Homeozone clinic has successfully handled disorders like piles with extreme attention and care. We do have a group of highly-skilled doctors who treat this kind of ailment by utilizing the innovative homeopathic method.

This procedure is mainly known as Dr. Pauls Fusion Homeopathy which has already produced an outstanding result in controlling diseases like osteoarthritis, alopecia areata, and so on. However, the dose is only determined only after assessing the seriousness of the piles disease. Besides, we also constantly monitor the progress of the patients during the homeopathic treatment duration to ensure long-lasting relief and satisfaction.

We have no reluctance to mention that this treatment has actually resulted in minimizing the piles disorder to a great extent. People receiving this homeopathic medication method have witnessed the smooth passage of the stool without any sort of obstruction or bleeding. Do you experience frequent bleeding during stool passage? It may happen due to piles. To receive a proper diagnosis and proper treatment, visit our Homeozone clinic as early as possible.
Do’s and Don’ts
Patients suffering from Piles should follow these.

  • Consume green leafy vegetables and fiber rich foods
  • Properly chew your food
  • Regular exercise
  • Drink surplus fluids to lose the stool
  • Take warm baths to escape pain and itchiness
  • Follow the guidelines of the doctor


  • Never seat in the toilet over a long period of time
  • Give up the practice of eating hot curries and spicy food items
  • Do not exert pressure during urination or while attempting to clear stools
  • Never seat long in your office cabin rather move around periodically.