Patient of Allergic Rhinitis

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Patient of Allergic Rhinitis

Patient of Allergic Rhinitis-

Age 50 years- Male- Birbhum
As a part of our hair and skin care solutions, we are also involved in providing fusion homeopathic solution to the patients. It has truly helped us to cure patients suffering from ailments like alopecia areata and psoriasis. Today, we shall discuss one such case where we had to use to this advanced homeopathic treatment known as the Dr. Pauls Fusion Homeopathy.
The year was 2015, 30th August. A 50-year old male patient was brought into our clinic. He was experiencing recurrent nasal obstruction that had been continuing since 2004. Moreover, he also complained about witnessing unbearable itching sensation throughout the body once the sneezing starts. We thoroughly diagnosed his condition and found that he was affected with allergic rhinitis. Besides, we also understood that his itching condition was mainly due to the impact of this disease.
Our team of specialists convened a meeting to decide on the subsequent treatment plan. It was eventually decided to treat the patient with the oral homeopathy medication. In addition to that, we also recommended him to abandon the previously prescribed allergy-resistant medicine. The patient was under our treatment for 4 years. Finally, we had noticed his gradual progress with the noticeable reduction of the allergic rhinitis attack. We are immensely delighted to mention that for the past 9 months, he has been leading a healthy and active life without any kind of allergic problem.