Patient of Alopecia Areata

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Patient of Alopecia Areata

As a part of our hair and skin care solutions, we do recommend patients to embrace our homeopathic treatment to attain the desired outcome. Till now, we have successfully accomplished every hair and skin treatment case where the application of homeopathy was found to be necessary. Today, we shall discuss one such case where we had decided to administer our special form of homeopathy treatment named as the Dr. Pauls Fusion Homeopathy.

The year was 2017, March 3rd. A 17-year old female patient was brought into our clinic. She complained of patchy hair loss in the scalp alongside experiencing unbearable itching that had been continuing for 3 months. She was quite irritated while describing her problem but we comforted and assured her to provide a suitable remedy to this problem. We thoroughly diagnosed her scalp and detected the patchy bald marks in the occipital and vertex position. We clearly understood that it had happened as a result of alopecia areata. Moreover, we also understood that she used to receive injections previously. On further inquiry, she told us that previously she used to visit the Tropical Institute where the doctor administered injection to cure this baldness issue. But that measure failed to provide the desired result.

Our team of specialists convened a meeting to decide on the subsequent treatment plan. It was eventually decided to treat the patient with Dr. Pauls Fusion Homeopathy. This had actually produced the desired positive outcome with an outstanding improvement in the patient’s condition. This was firmly established when we found that the patchy bald portions of the patient’s scalp were witnessing a surge in the revival new hairs with the complete disappearance of the cough and cold problem. Viewers will also admire the excellent ability of the Dr. Pauls Fusion Homeopathy once thoroughly looking at these two pictures below.