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Psoriasis is basically a disorder which unnaturally accelerates the natural life cycle of the skin cells. This gradually culminated in the emergence of red patches and scales that are quite itchy and cause severe pain. As a result, it becomes quite difficult sometimes to proceed with the tasks of regular life due to this disease. However, the symptoms and signs of this disorder frequently vary across people. It is time when people must seek a reliable remedy to escape from this kind of disease very conveniently.

We are quite proficient in dealing with cases like psoriasis. We mainly treat this kind of problem by utilising the process of Dr. Pauls Fusion Homeopathy.  But first, we always diagnose the condition of the patient as that shall help to determine the appropriate homeopathic medication dosage to deliver the positive outcome very flawlessly. At the same time, we also administer UV therapy that seeks to boost the positive outcome of this treatment within a shorter duration. Besides, we also constantly monitor the progress of the patients during the ongoing treatment with the aim to ensure complete recovery without leaving any stone unturned. At the same time, we also suggest patients various guidelines that include consumption of proper dietary meals, quit smoking and alcohol drinking as well as to improve lifestyle, and so on.

Our Fusion Homeopathy treatment has been an immense success until now. Every patient has witnessed the healing power of this treatment including the UV therapy that has resulted in the complete disappearance of the reddish spots and scales that tend to spoil the natural look. Actually, this kind of treatment is quite useful to cease the excess growth of the skin cells. Moreover, people suffering from this issue have also followed our other recommendations which further end up in improving the result with the passage of time. In case, you desire to consult with our skin specialist, just establish contact with our service representative as early as possible.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Apply a moisturising lotion after bathing
  • Apply herbal oil containing avocado to minimise itching, redness, and scaling
  • Maintain a proper diet to control the extent of the disorder
  • Relax with friends and closed one’s to relieve stress and depression
  • Strictly follow the recommendations of the dermatologist


  • Never ignore reddish marks which emerge at an early stage
  • Avoid scratching violently as that may worsen the problem further
  • Do not suffer from tension and anxiety constantly
  • Never use a wrong cream or medicine
  • Skip excess sunlight exposure.