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Urticaria or hives primarily denotes the red, pale and swollen plaques or bumps which emerge suddenly in any human skin portion. It may happen either in response to an allergic reaction or due to other reasons like sunlight exposure, insect bites, extreme temperature, and so on. These spots do vary in dimension and usually cause dizziness, itching, painful swelling, and other inconveniences to the affected person. It is only by attaining a specialised treatment that shall help to curb this disorder at an early stage.

Our Homeozone clinic is actually a reliable destination where people suffering from skin disorders like the urticaria will receive a satisfactory treatment outcome. The specialised doctors working in this clinic usually treat patients by administering a highly innovative homeopathic procedure. It is known as the Dr. Pauls Fusion Homeopathy that has already delivered excellent results in controlling diseases like psoriasis, eczema, alopecia areata, and others. The duration of this treatment is usually determined on the basis of the health condition, magnitude of the problem alongside assessing other parameters.

We have noticed significant progress in the health of a patient after receiving this kind of treatment. The outcome is basically quite visible in the treatment of urticaria where our doctors have successfully ensured a complete disappearance of the reddish plaques and bumps from the skin. This has also resulted in the elimination of the discomforts that are closely associated with this ailment. Is your skin developing red swollen bumps? It clearly highlights the disorder of urticaria. To receive our advanced homeopathic treatment, visit the Homeozone clinic once scheduling an appointment with our customer service team.

Do’s and Don’ts            

We are not only involved in offering top-class homeopathic treatment solution to the patients but are also quite enthusiastic about developing awareness among the people. It is actually the main objective behind our effort to provide the do’s and don’ts list after every discussion. No doubt that people will surely gain enough insight once reading the guidelines list thoroughly.


  • Minimise water contact with limited soap utilisation while bathing or washing
  • Keep yourself quite relaxed and tension-free
  • Apply products like the non-medicated petroleum jelly as that will help to minimise the burning and itching sensation
  • Detection of the major factors to ensure an early avoidance



  • Desist from consuming gluten and sugar
  • Never consume excess fat from food items like the meat
  • Do not consume processed and fried foods alongside the dairy commodities
  • Refrain from eating soy, peanuts, fish, and eggs.